A Rich Heritage:

Barrington Tea was founded in 1935 and since then it has grown to one of the most recognized names in the tea industry in the United States.  From our humble beginnings our traditions and skills have been handed down from generations to generations.

Now greatly expanded Barrington Tea continues to maintain the highest standards that we were founded on.  Our product offerings are vast and now include Barrington Tea Express a new tradition in the tea business.  Our heritage and experiences demand that our Cafes and Kiosks meet the highest standards.

Broad Reach:

Our strategy is multi channeled and include operations in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.  Beyond the companies retail business Barrington Tea is building a strong presences globally with our Cafes and Kiosks. Our Cafes and Kiosks will be located in select malls and locations throughout the world.

Crafting the Future:

Building on our strong brand and business etiquette, we are in the process of transforming from and internationals business to a global lifestyle brand, anchored by Barrington Tea Express.  In Addition, we are leveraging the global opportunity for Barrington Tea by raising brand awareness and building market share in markets where Barrington Tea is under-penetrated.

Our headquarters is in the United States with future plans that include the possibility of listing our company on the NASDAQ.